Hujan di Januari

I'm officially 24 Today, please Congratulates me :) :)
Today will be a special day for the werewolf in America and Europe for viewing super bold wolf moon..
That's what Google found for greet me for my birthday. 
Basically i'm born in the dog year of chinesse calender
So what kekeke
My Birthday Greet. Thankyou google instead of Ok google

Actually i’m really forget about today but my sister the first to congratulates me and when i check my Whatsapp some of my friends still remember, such a morning call to me, did you think i’m pervert?

On Saturday evening while i’m on the way with my ojek driver to one of the mall in sidoarjo, because i just can’t home. My bro and sis  forget to leave the only key of our house for attending a mariagge ceremony  one of our closesest friends (The groom and his bride is in our community).

And in our way like the tittle of this tread, the heavy rain down like crazy , that i called it storm, even in that time i guess the rain is not a pouring water but an icy ball. I can’t forget when the spckled hurt my skin in my jacket and my waterproof jacket, the sound of every drop of water over my helmet, the pain emerge my long jeans pants.

That day i remember i told my ojek online driver proudly that i dont need any rain  coat because i brought mine. You know my rain coat is an absolutely two pieces of cloathing, one part is the waterproof jacket the other one is the waterproof long pants and I just and always brought the jacket!

Using two pieces raincoat giving me a troublesome and a new carried for my heavy bag.

I brought a house in my bag, thats what my collange friend said..

Every one know that it will be a storm, we have no rain for three month here,

So if in the mid december until this month or will be more month forward the rain will heavily down we just have to thank God, We all pray hard for the rainfall for three month afterward so this day God bring the Rain and we haven’t already yet?

that’s why He did’t answer your prayer, we lack of capacity guys..

And finally I arrived safely with my pants already wet  which is you can collect one litter water by squeezing it. Praise to God my pocket for a reason enough to buy an half price new pants for changing my wet pants and hanging out stylishly with half dry hair ( I love my saturated wavy hair after doin’ shampoo every morning, i feel like a brand ambassador for shampoo advertisement with their straight black hair). Thank to the Borobudur garments retail manager for giving me a special discount..

And this heavy rain successed to persue me to broken my only waterproof jacket, yeah goodbye the blue one i’ll promise to buy a new proper one pieces rain coat!

Oh that i came for  a  book sale, and got a great book with high discount ( with a little bit sad because you know the good book in the bookstore sale stand means more people less interest in reading, more sad if you read what miss trinity and her friend telling us about this phenomenon).

Eventhough its heaven for my pocket!

I’ve bought one of the  Indonesia young creative award winning Yoris Sebastian’s book, Oh My Goodness , and today i work with japannese style for my ‘normal nogood’ lifestyle and even put my watch in my right wrist. No wonder my 3 years old nephew and his caretaker look me with the weird facial expression by the way this morning,  but i like it so much kekekeke.

Oh great time, my saturday full of sale and discount..

Back to our heavy rain jorney everyday,

I’m so sorry for my old gray cheap airwalk shoes that accompainied me for more than three years, may you rest in peace. If my feet doing no good, careless and untidy the weather is too cruel to defend you much longer. You know that heavy rain will worst for the two of us.

Another effect of the heavy rain for our neighbour who living close to the river and in the place have lower land. I hope you will find another place to live soon, i don’t think livining in the same place will be nice. When we rent the cheapest housing, we got a problem with flooding, and we looses more cost than one year rent expense.

I feel sorry for every leak house because of the heavy rain too


I hope i had a chance to buy a new cute one piece rain coat before the heavy rain today or another day

Please rain be nice to us, just come nicely or come after we have a proper sit in our warm house

This my story for annual event this month, have you ever got a blissful experience like me?